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Is there any way to remove a profile that doesn't have the option available? there are multiple ways to remove friends. please check here for the various Inked options.
What do the different member badges mean exactly? there are four badges a member may receive. explorer is the badge given once you've joined. citizen is given when you have submitted the identification code or added the official accounts. inkling is the badge given once you have submitted the identification code and added the official accounts (and they have accepted).
What are the Blacklisted themes? And why can't we use them? blacklisted themes are those themes that are not allowed to be used in any shape or form upon inked under the findings of code theft.


site closing - read below

you have probably already gotten the site-wide email and have read it. or you read it on the discord (thank you for patiently waiting for us to make an official announcement). but if you haven't, inked hearts is closing down in the first week of march.

we've had three wonderful years here at inked. i would like to thank all the members who have made inked their home. truly, thank you. i'm glad that we could provide a home for you. 

inked has a special place in my heart. it felt like home right from the start and it continued to feel like home. i've met wonderful people here & reunited with some. made friendships, and helped me grow as a person. i'm sure you've had a similar experience.

but our journey isn't over, there is a place where i hope you can make your home. 

the owner & i have discussed this and among the cosmos will welcome inked hearts members with open arms.

atc or among the cosmos is a site i opened up in may 2019. the site is a bit different i would say, as we are more community-based. we have an ice breaker challenge where it's a "your pace" challenge, where we can get to know you as a roleplayer and as a person. challenges last about two months(usually) in order to give you time to complete them with no pressure. we have a staff that is eager to assist you and to get to know you c: we love to talk with members on the main chat so feel free to hop on and talk to us. 

i hope to see you there 

again, thank you all for being apart of this site.

- head admin, cindy. 

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Receiving Member Badges.

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Removal of Friends.

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